In the Rapeseed

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Rapeseed is a very controversial plant here in Slovakia. It covers nearly 10 percent of fertile soil and it is considered to be a monoculture and sometimes even ecological hazard. Farmers argue that rapeseed is a great cover crop, cheap to grow with broad economical usage.

I am standing here on the edge of the bright yellow field waiting for a girl, that I had never seen. It is cloudy, the lighting is dull and I am thinking if I should go and grab a jacket. I could imagine better conditions for my first TFP shoot. My doubtful thoughts were interrupted by small blue Citroen and here she is.

Alex greeted me with a smile and I immediately knew, that this will work. The laughter continued during crawling through rapeseed while being all yellow from the pollen. Alex had already got experiences with portrait shoots, she knew what looks good and she was comfortable in front of the camera. This combined with her deep blue eyes allowed me to create photos, that you see below. Thanks for reading, enjoy and make sure, that you check out on Instagram.