Youth and vintage

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“The thing about being vintage is that it never goes out of fashion.”
― Anthony T. Hincks

It’s rainy Saturday. In our family, we have a habit of going to our old house every Saturday. We gather all together and work on the house or in the garden. Today isn’t any different. Or is it? I had a few photographic ideas in mind and Miška came with an idea of vintage mood. We took advantage of drizzly weather, took the morning off from house works and spent it looking for photos.

The is something magical about windows in photography. Combined with overcast weather the light is diffused and soft, but still have direction and just enough intensity to achieve flattering contrast. To come along with the vintage mood I was using manual 35 and 50mm lenses on my X-T20, which I even set to black and white. I enjoyed the monochromatic shooting. It is easier to perceive light and shadows when I am not being distracted by color. The black and white images were good, but just when I switched the editor to the color I spotted the contrast between light blue eyes and the reddish curly hair. This aspect could not be capture without on the monochrome images. So color it is.